Like a tree, we put art as the seed, grow numbers of fun experiences and contents and gain the fine campaign for a shopping mall opening.

 (Documentary for the MIXC LIUZHOU Project)

In 2017, the number of large-scale shopping mall’s opening in China reached a record of 504. This led to a competition of the first HELLO from shopping malls to the consumers.

In the case of the shopping mall called MIXC LIUZHOU, we created an art project with Rick Berkelmans, a Netherland artist, to connect the culture of the city, the local people and the brand new expression of Liuzhou’s lifestyle.

During the 3 months of the project, the promotion of MIXC LIUZHOU was organized with strategies on both online and offline.

Let's review the project base on four key points.





Lay the Unique Value Perception of Consumers

From "what can we bring" to "what are we creating?"



Shopping mall is more than a landlord for brands nowadays. It becomes more and more important for shopping mall to have its own brand,  which makes the shopping mall has its own attitude and character similar to a person.

The ability of creating is a key value of a brand. For the creation of the brand of shopping mall, it is about the consume, the experience, the expectation of life, etc. and all of that leads to the ideal lifestyle with unique insight.

For MIXC LIUZHOU, after we finished the interview of local people, we found that Liuzhou people are proud of the many details of Liuzhou's daily life and having the strong faith that Liuzhou can be better. What’s more, they had high hope of the MIXC LIUZHOU.

We choose the proud of city as the emotional link between MIXC LIUZHOU and its potential consumers. Setting the rules to let people express their proud by ask them to list the elements representing Liuzhou. Reorganizing the information of elements into a brief for artist to create one key art work combining the elements and 10 works of each elements. We create a new way to share the beauty of Liuzhou city.


Rick Berkelmans

Hedof is the one-man creative studio of Dutch illustrator Rick Berkelmans. His striking illustration work is a thoughtful, well balanced composition full of candy coloured sceneries, suspicious characters and wonky shapes that reflect Rick's positive attitude and his studio filled with silly looking toys.

He is always able to maintain a strong, recognizable voice while working through different disciplines for clients such as Nike, The New York Times, Nickelodeon, Ikea, Samsung, KLM Airlines, Lotte World Mall, Nestle, Green Man Festival, Red Bull, Playstation,  Snapchat, The Hoxton Hotel, Native Shoes, Corona,  LCX Hong Kong, Esso, WeTransfer, Google, Harper Collins, Helseutvalget, Heineken, Greenpeace and Facebook.

“This project is definitely the most coolest project of 2018 (maybe even the best ever!!!) and I really want the outcome to be as good as possible.”

—Rick Berkelmans


 Rick Berkelmans 《MIXC LIUZHOU》





Establish Brand Association with Consumers

"The more you participate, the more you are attached"

In MIXC LIUZHOU Project, instead of create what the client asks, KAI offered the brief base on what the consumers expect.

The process of interaction and participation enhance consumers' recognition of MIXC LIUZHOU. At the same time, we locate the core consumers for MIXC LIUZHOU. In the end, nearly 2,000 Liuzhou became the part of project.

MIXC LIUZHOU Project / the H5 for collecting elements



Comments from citizens participating in the MIXC LIUZHOU Project


We invited 10 KOLs representing the elements, like the founder of design collection store, parker, travel blogger, city photographer, sneaker... We show the possibility of fashionable and urban Liuzhou’s lifestyle. Not only expand the influence of the creative plan, but also create another connection between Liuzhou traditional elements and artistic creation.





Powering Promotion with Planning Content

「Always-on 」

As a complete content marketing campaign, MIXC LIUZHOU Project lasted for three months, with a series of interesting experiences and planning content, rhythm to promote the gradual deepening of communication.

After the completion of the collection phase, in order to maintain the heat of the creative plan, KAI carried out a series of content planning around Rick's creative process. 

The local Liuzhou food which called snail powder we sent to the artist, the thank-you-letter from artist to Liuzhou people, the story of KOLs, early exposure of details of art work, exhibition preview and etc. all of that was organized in timeline so that to create a rhythm to attract consumers to continue to pay attention. 

 Promotion Timeline




Boosting the Grand Opening with One Content

"Immersive, unified"


Eventually, with the opening of MIXC LIUZHOU, the art work and exhibition, the large-scale installation, window displays, the artist's interaction on the scene and the KVs in the mall led the climax of the project together.


 KV Of The Exhibition/EXHIBITION


The Large-scale Installation

Window displays

 Exhibition Products Limited Edition



In MIXC LIUZHOU Project, what we create is not only for the shopping mall’s opening promotion, not only for a better platform to show the talent of artist, but also for the imagination and faith of better life in the charming Liuzhou city.