“Fashion Street” Creating Season Window Display

A story happens between a fashionable street and the illustrators from 4 different countries, where we keep on applying illustration in more possible aspects.


What could the illustrating art bring to commercial space?  Much more than only KV image.

This case happened in the large-scale commercial project in One Avenue, opening in September this year. The client partners hope that the creation of customized illustrations, while completing the opening vision, allows the public to feel the project's international vision and action, at the beginning of the opening.

KAI visited the venue and found that the One Avenue characterizes most in a central street that runs across the north and south, connecting a large number of public spaces such as commercial areas, sunken squares, sky gardens, and art galleries. After its opening, this street will be constructed as a new carrier of the lifestyle with multiple amusements happening nonstop.

Concerning lifestyle, we chose the illustrators living in four different cosmopolitan cities from four countries, to create for the on-street topic through their imaginations, and to create a high-quality opening vision for the project. We produced the corresponding joint experience of the opening, and established the unique brand identity of One Avenue.


 “Fashion Street Creating Season”: A topic customized creation, building immersive opening vibe 

Based on their unique backgrounds, the four illustrators start their bold imagination of Central Street, and finally created four graphic illustrations with various styles. Each artist created vivid characters and story details to interpret the “Fashion Street” in their minds.

 Tess Smith-Roberts | London, UK

It may be a space where you can't help dance to the music.

Jisu Choi | Seoul, South Korea

“Fashion Street” promises the public endless surprises and wonders.

Lisa Tegtmeier | Hamberg, Germany

I would call this a tasty space. Apart from the delicious food, when you gain inspiration and new ideas from what you see here, I would say they are as yummy and delightful as delicacies

 Decue Wu | Los Angeles, USA

This space requires plural creativeness and fun, while to bring comfort and harmony is equally important.


The illustrations gave One Avenue coherent themes and a unified visual style during the opening.

The work of London-based illustrator Tess Smith-Roberts is full of relaxed and lively style.

It creates a cheerful opening vibe as the main vision.



 The opening brochure looks so colorful thanks to the created illustration.


For a more amusing opening, KAI also utilized this series of works to develop the limited art merchandise necessary for shopping: umbrellas, canvas bags, etc., which from details echoes the life value "Discovering here" of One Avenue. These limited merchandises with hearts are given as member benefits, inviting everyone to walk on the street and meet more surprises.



“Discovering Here” Window Display enables illustration to create outside the 2-dimension and make a special opening experience  

KAI believes that, with more active planning, illustration creation can not only form the atmosphere, but also generate rich content, allowing the public to further complete the brand recognition through experiences.

During the opening of the One Avenue, KAIers transformed the design into a three-dimensional window, based on this series of illustrations, and eventually formed the"Fashion Street Creating Season ‘Discovering Here’" Themed Window Display. 

In this exhibition, the public can not only appreciate the original works, but “punch” in multiple large window installations transformed by these, and experience the imaginative creating process of four illustrators through a guided tour, to understand their unique attitudes towards life, and their living inspiration for their “Ideal Street".

During the exhibition, KAI also prepared a list of interviews about the ideal street and the fun of life. Out of the very different growing and living experiences, the illustrators shared a lot about the beautiful daily life in the street in the interview. It has also become an important part through promotion for announcing the opening of One Avenue, and showing the public the brand’s value and personality.


Decue Wu | Los Angeles, USA


Tess Smith-Roberts | London, UK

Lisa Tegtmeier | Hamburg, Germany


 Jisu Choi | Seoul, South Korea


KAI has been devoted to building a more symbiotic relationship between art creation and commerce. In this cooperation with One Avenue, through the theme planning that fits the brand personality, it explores the diversified forms of illustrations, to create an immersive opening experience and atmosphere. With the topic“Fashion Street Creating Season”, KAI brought the new content’s experience of One Avenue, and fully demonstrated the brand's personality and creativity.