“Fu-Lu-Shou” in Good-Luckland

Creating happy experiences of Good-Luck Chinese New Year from national Trendy art IP to commercial display of art.

‘Fu-Lu-Shou' in Good-Luckland" in Mixc World

During the Chinese New Year 2020

The first project of “Fu-Lu-Shou” as the national trendy art IP

Landed in Mix World, Shenzhen

In the form of art display


How to develop thematic scenarios with

“Fu Lu Shou” as a cultural symbol of Luck

While meeting the brand’s need for vibe

And transform auspicious culture and good luck wishes into

An accessible interactive experience

When the public are visiting the mall


Based on “Fu-Lu-Shou” as the national trendy art IP

We created six spots for Good-Luck experiences

And developed three creative products

For creating an art display project with the theme "Good-Luck":

"Fu-Lu-Shou in Good-Luckland"

And presenting a trendy look of Chinese auspicious culture

LIVE record

 / Six main themed interacting experiences in Good-Luckland / 

On the first weekend of the opening 

just one single interacting spot - photo store

has attracted nearly 800 fans to follow Mixc World’s Offical Wechat account


 Here arrives the fashionable “Fu-Lu-Shou” of nearly 5 meters /

/ Good-Luck little store selling 3 exclusive derived products /

 / Spinning Good-Luck Magic - Good-Luck Station /

 / The Good-Luck wishing tree with ding-dong board blew by wind /

 / Taking Great fortune pictures in the Good-Luck photo booth /

 / Drilling in the fun spot with great luck transformation /

 / “Fu-Lu-Shou” Creative products of Chinese New Year / 

 / Online Promotion / 

The Project helps enhance online interaction between the shopping mall and the public during the Chinese New Year, through diverse forms of visions based on the national trendy image “Fu-Lu-Shou”

 / Feedback from the public / 

(These photos come from the internet and will be deleted immediately as long as any infringements occur.)


It’s the laughters and joys in the Good-Luckland

that make the good luck brought by “Fu-Lu-Shou” come true 

More info about the National trendy IP “Fu-Lu-Shou”: