NAYUKI CUPSEUM Project VOL.3:「Big Hug To you」

On May 20, 2020 (520 sounds like “I love you” in Mandarin), we do need a big big hug.

CUPseum VOL.3 x 2020

When NAYUKI CUPseum Vol.3 has been revealed with the unusual opening of 2020, for KAI, to obtain the power to restart life with art, became the main topic.

We have been inspired by the “BigHug” Art Project launched by the American illustrator Christopher David Ryan - invite people across the globe to upload their photos on INS, tagged with #bighug#, and they get a chance to win CDR's "hug". Up to now, thousands of hug photos have been sent around the world, to the public, artists, and stars, from urban landmarks to wildlife, where the classical figure helps CDR give the world a gentle hug.


CDR#BigHug#Art Project


Big Hug, gentle love

“Big Hug To you”, as maintaining the art energy created by CDR, becomes the theme of CUPseum Vol.3. We invited CDR to create 6 artworks about his classical hug, and bring along six different love to heal the public.

“Hugging is not just simply twining your arms around a person, but the little warmth like the sun shines on your face, or the hope in the suffering. That’s why I love to share my work this way (on cups), pass them on to the public, and light them up.” CDR shared, with regard to this special exhibition.

With the hug cup, CDR’s anticipation for the project has been realized in every NAYUKI cup, in everyday life. Just go inside a NAYUKI store, order a cup of drink, and you get the cure with joy here.


Unique hug, Infinite fun

NAYUKI CUPseum Vol.3 has brought out extensive experiences with the hug cup, and launched a set of online and offline interactions via the art derivative, so to increase the super curing power of hugs.


Take the limited art derivative and gain your daily hug!  

The art derivative based on daily life visions, hold the healing hug in our daily life.



Join the fun game and take away your unique hug!  

We develop Hugs Photo Booth, and allow the public to get their own curing hugs from the photo with the classical character.



Theme space for punching in, let’s hug and feel the warmth here!  

Our dear client, NAYUKI, has built up the theme store of “Therapeutic Hug”, creating a curing experience by hugging the character. 



Get engaged in the co-creating workshop, and explore more potential of the hug cups.  

NAYUKI’s colleagues initiated the flower workshop of hug cups, inviting the public to join and explore the infinite possibilities of beverage cups.



Last but not least  

After NAYUKI CUPseum Vol.3, we are excited to see more and more consumers punching in on their social media and in the store, to show their love and rich feelings for the artworks. Meanwhile, this project, as ranked on their list, has also been reported by lifestyle media and the authority media in the branding field. 

Starting with the planning on a cup, we transformed the daily consumption into a series of experiences for more fun through art. Brands thereby slowly walk into everyday life, thanks to the ongoing content.




Many thanks for our dear client NAYUKI, 

for offering here the photos of the products from their official Wechat account.